Thursday, 15 April 2010

May The Craftsman Zero Turn 42 inch 22 hp Model 28933 Rest In Peace

As you know - I'm not posting a great deal on this blog as the majority of content is automated  and it keeps things ticking over as an information route.

Every now and again there are some nuggets of information I want to draw attention to and this is one of them:

May The Craftsman Zero Turn 42 inch 22 hp Model 28933 Rest In Peace

Given the technical success of the product and the twin-torroidal transmission, (TTT) in the Infinitrak range of products with MTD as the manufacturer, this news is either indicative of the continuing recession in the USA (which is tip-toeing it's way out) or the continued market positioning of the TTT as luxury just being too luxury for too many people.

One cannot fault the pedigree of the product, the market review (as can be read in the link above) however it seemed to be continually reviewed and measured in the wrong ride-on mower category because of it's zero-turn capabilities. The marketing appears to have been off target for the key customers if this is the case - if the experts can't even pigeon-hole it correctly what chance have the salesmen ?

Moving on - in other news we draw closer to the Jaguar project and their installation and adaptation of the Flybrid flywheel solution. Slide 14 - system as installed is the one to look at. on the link here:

New Scientist  magazine also recently highlighted the torotrak transmission credentials in their recent article here:

as references to the technology become more and more public mainstream, hopefully the technology will also start to become more visible in the public domain - a million miles on from the acedemic and industry publications which previously held so much information and hope.

Until the Year end announcements or further RNS's, that's it from me. Hopefully there will be some dilligent forward looking statement on the situation with Sears and Infinitrak sometime soon (explaining that the single torroidal transmission is the reason why...)

Enjoy the spring weather !

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