Saturday, 19 December 2009 a shareholders perspective

Hello and welcome to my Torotrak page. Essentially it's my one stop shop page of information and news feeds on everything I know to be Torotrak. Why ? well mainly because I'm lazy and don't like to have to click back about the place all the time. You might be lazy too, so just bookmark this and I'll see you back later.

I'm not going to explain who or what Torotrak are here...

, you can read that on their website, or go to one of the many discussion forums listed above and find out what lots of other people are typing about.
I for one, might flag up the odd deadline or deal on these blog pages, or breaking news items, or event a bit of rumour, but e
ssentially - most of it is out there already and this is your starting block.

Using the power of t'internet this page should bring you most of the news items going on as soon as they are posted. The official TRK RNS feed is shown on here as well as their Press feed - so you're pretty much where it is at. Google alerts also feed into this page (see below), and an ever growing list of rss feeds is also being accumulated that all come directly to this page. I just need to fix in a twitter feed and we're covered.

So, this is where it all should be. If you can't see anything that you think should be on here - well just leave a comment on one of these posts and I'm sure I'll pick it up.

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