Monday, 4 January 2010

Torotrak 2010 Tech Talk - Sunday January - 31st

Organised by Bob Bridges, there will be the annual Torotrak Tech talk presentation by TRK engineers themselves.

Sunday Lunch and Tech Talk

Yes we have another New Year Sunday Lunch & TechTalk lined up on the last Sunday of January (31.01.2010) and yet again it will be at the Lord Leycester Hotel in Warwick. As always the event is open to all, you do not need to be a member of the TPSA or even a shareholder, to join us.

The location is here:

and the rough timings are...
Arrive >12:00 noon
Lunch @ 13:00
TechTalk @ 14:00

The talk will cover what TRK has been doing on road cars and bring us up to date with the Jaguar project. The official title of the associated paper, which has been given at several conferences, is "The Full Toroidal Variator for Mechanical Hybrid Systems" or perhaps we could more simply call it "IVT Development from F1 to Road Vehicles".

The Lord Leycester hotel has just changed hands so he will confirm the catering arrangements and other details as soon as he knows them.

Please Email Bob Bridges on if you are going to go or need any more information.

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